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Silicon Valley-based LodgIQ™, the AI-powered revenue management technology provider, announced that it has appointed hotel industry veteran Chris Connar to the key role of Vice President of Business Development. In this newly created position at LodgIQ, Chris is responsible for driving strategic new business to support the company’s strategy. Chris Connar is an accomplished and...
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If you’ve scanned through the top news stories of the last few months, you’re likely well acquainted with the post-pandemic elephant in the room: record-high inflation. As expected, the collective (and prolonged) halt of global economies, the subsequent critical supply chain disruptions, and the ongoing war in Ukraine has placed significant pressure on the economic...
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The truth is that you will need a higher-level pricing strategy for today’s competitive marketplace and the flexibility to make changes when needed. Price optimization and revenue management are the most prominent aspects that any business needs to address. While the hotel industry is truly unique, when it comes to price optimization, there’s a lot...
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If you ask any hotelier these days, “What is your focus now that demand for travel is returning?”, invariably, their answer will allude to improving pricing strategy and sales and enhancing revenue management capabilities. Why? Because the hospitality industry grapples with extremely high customer acquisition costs – one of the biggest challenges facing hotels of...
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  In this smart hotel pricing series, we interview Fabian Bartnick, vice president of Asia-Pacific for LodgIQ. We know this for sure, he is passionate about pricing and brings new perspective to old revenue management concepts. In this podcast Fabian discusses the dual impact of evolving consumers and advancements in travel technologies, and how revenue managers can...
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This is part 2 of our smart hotel pricing series where we interview Fabian Bartnick, vice president of Asia-Pacific for LodgIQ. In this podcast Fabian discusses the effectiveness of older pricing strategies in modern revenue management. We also learn an interesting fact about ADR and sentiment pricing. Listen to Part 1. Prefer your news all at once?...
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