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More Enhancements to the LodgIQ Mobile App for Hotel Management on the Go

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of unparalleled access to vital business intelligence data alongside comprehensive market intelligence within the LodgIQ Mobile app. With these features, users can: Review essential data points about their hotel. Analyze hotel forecast history. Compare performance with market insights and competitor analysis. The LodgIQ Mobile app now empowers...
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Unified Strategy, Tech Silos

LodgIQ CEO David Millili joins the Tech Leaders Unplugged podcast to talk unified commercial strategy and the tech to breakdown silos. Key takeaways: How a commercial strategy platform enhances hotel collaboration and profitability. The role of big data analysis in extracting valuable revenue insights. Practical ways LodgIQ simplifies everyday tasks for hotel management.
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Unlocking Hotel Excellence: The Urgent Need for Unified Commercial Strategy

Picture this: A bustling hotel lobby filled with guests, but behind the scenes, the Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management teams work in isolated silos. The result? Misaligned goals, duplicated efforts, and missed revenue opportunities. This disjointed approach hampers the hotel’s full potential. Today, however, there’s a shift towards a unified commercial strategy that promises to...
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Our CEO, David Millili joined the podcast to talk about LodgIQ’s commercial strategy platform.

Here’s what you’ll learn: David Millili’s Journey in Hospitality: David Millili, CEO of LodgIQ, has an extensive career in hospitality, beginning as a union busboy in a hotel in Pittsburgh. He transitioned from hotel operations to technology, founding several tech companies, including Open Hospitality, which was sold to Pegasus. He has served in various leadership...
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LodgIQ and Cloudbeds Forge Dynamic Alliance to Transform Hotel Management with Integrated Technologies

Sunnyvale, CA – LodgIQ is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cloudbeds and has integrated its commercial strategy platform with another leading hospitality management solution. This strategic partnership between LodgIQ and Cloudbeds seamlessly integrates LodgIQ’s advanced revenue-generating and profit-optimization capabilities with Cloudbeds’ robust hospitality management platform to offer a comprehensive solution to strengthen hotel...
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Navigating the Maze of Data in Hospitality: A Unified Approach

Data fragmentation is a common headache. But a cohesive strategy can transform challenges into opportunities. In the hospitality industry, the crux of enhancing operational efficiency and meeting ambitious financial targets often lies in the seemingly mundane task of data aggregation. Yet, the challenge of piecing together disparate pieces of data from various systems into a...
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When a Revenue Management System Anchors a Commercial Strategy Platform

Ditching spreadsheets to automate your pricing and inventory updates with a Revenue Management System will save you time and money and even increase revenue. Then there’s all that hard-to-aggregate commercial data from Sales, Marketing, and F&B that you know would be valuable—if you could just get your arms around it. Commercial leaders’ number one challenge...
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Legacy RMSs need to evolve. Here’s what they should look like.

In the 1960s, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) revolutionized the hotel industry.  In the 90s and 2000s, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) forced hotels to adapt once again.  Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to transform the way hotels manage revenue and stay competitive. Your legacy Revenue Management System (RMS) may have served you well in the...
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LodgIQ Skyware

LodgIQ and Skyware Announce Strategic Partnership and Product Integration to Enhance Hotel Operations

In an industry-first move, LodgIQ and Skyware have joined forces to announce a strategic partnership introducing a seamless technology integration. This collaboration is set to address the critical needs of hoteliers by offering an innovative solution that simplifies and optimizes hotel operations. The partnership arises from a shared vision of providing exceptional customer service and...
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