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Adjusting for Inflation: Should You Raise Your Hotel Room Rates?

If you’ve scanned through the top news stories of the last few months, you’re likely well acquainted with the post-pandemic elephant in the room: record-high inflation. As expected, the collective (and prolonged) halt of global economies, the subsequent critical supply chain disruptions, and the ongoing war in Ukraine has placed significant pressure on the economic...
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What Hotels Can Learn About Pricing Optimization from Other Industries

The truth is that you will need a higher-level pricing strategy for today’s competitive marketplace and the flexibility to make changes when needed. Price optimization and revenue management are the most prominent aspects that any business needs to address. Read full article here
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How Technology is Transforming the Future of Revenue Management for Hotels

If you ask any hotelier these days, “What is your focus now that demand for travel is returning?”, invariably, their answer will allude to improving pricing strategy and sales and enhancing revenue management capabilities. Why? Because the hospitality industry grapples with extremely high customer acquisition costs – one of the biggest challenges facing hotels of...
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Despite Economic Uncertainty, Travel Remains a Top Priority

Despite fears of a probable global recession and the impact of rising interest rates and inflation looming, travel demand is seeing no sign of slowing down. While other industries may see a slowdown, people are reluctant to give up travel and experiences again. The most recent American Travel Sentiment Study indicates that 92% of Americans...
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LodgIQ appoints David Millili CEO

Silicon Valley-based LodgIQ, a global revenue management technology provider has named David Millili as the company’s new CEO. Before joining the company, he served as CCO at Nomadix, CEO of Runtriz and CEO/board member of Pegasus Solutions. Prior to that, he founded and led Open Hospitality, which was acquired by Pegasus Solutions. He also cofounded...
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Market forecast Article

LodgIQ’s AI Driven Market Forecasting Methodology

Multi-layered market forecast framework for hotel revenue management by continuously learning market dynamics. LodgIQ’s AI driven Market Forecasting methodology which is published in the AI issue of  Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management. Be sure to check out the full article here. With the rising wave of travelers and changing market landscape, understanding marketplace dynamics in...
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Tracking the Return of Travel and Hospitality

In this post, Sumantra Banerjee examines how the travel and hospitality industries have fared from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic until now. He also discusses the future of travel, including the rebound of different travel segments and new trends that will emerge. Be sure to Check out the full article here. The ongoing COVID-19...
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Indicators To Track Economic and Financial Recovery

In this post, Sumantra Banerjee discusses key indicators to track economic and financial recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. These indicators involve business, consumer, and investor sentiment as well as the health of certain industries. Be sure to check out the full article. With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing a global economic closure, major countries have experienced...
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evolution of data analysis

The evolution of data analysis

  In this podcast, LodgIQ’s Fabian Bartnick and Glenn Haussman, host of No Vacancy podcast, discuss the evolution of data analysis. Be sure to check out the first part of this discussion. The analysis of data is an evolution. Revenue managers must first understand the basics provided by descriptive and diagnostic analytics to fully understand and utilize...
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