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ForecastIQ is an advanced hotel business forecasting solution that leverages real-time data andsophisticated analytics to provide daily updates and accurate hotel forecasts. The tool analyzeshistorical trends, consumer buying habits, market dynamics, and consumer “willingness to pay”The tool enables hoteliers to make data-driven decisions, optimize pricing strategies, andmaximize revenue opportunities.

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Key Features

Daily Updates

ForecastIQ delivers daily updates to provide hoteliers with the most up-to-dateinformation on consumer behavior and demand patterns. By receiving frequent updates,hoteliers can quickly adapt their strategies and make timely decisions to stay ahead inthe dynamic and competitive market environment.

Segmented Forecasts

ForecastIQ generates both overall and segmented forecasts. The overall forecastprovides an aggregated view of expected demand, revenue, and occupancy for thehotel. The segmented forecast breaks down results by various segments such asgovernment, opaque, FIT, consortia, group, and more. This enables hoteliers tounderstand the demand dynamics and revenue potential across different segments.