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We believe transparency is the key to understanding. Below, we have provided a list of questions we commonly receive and we do our best to answer them.

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About LodgIQ

Is my data safe?

LodgIQ utilizes two high-security data centers which are under surveillance 24/7/365. Both centers have a full redundancy plan in place to eliminate any downtime. All critical transactions occur over a secure HTTPS protocol with industry-standard traffic encryption. For more specific information about how LodgIQ handles data, refer to LodgIQ Security Protocols or the LodgQ Privacy Policy.

Do you use sell hotel data to third parties?

We never sell the data of any hotel. LodgIQ’s demand indicators require the use of hotel data but we do not sell or otherwise distribute your property’s data to other companies or organizations.

What size hotels use LodgIQ?

Big or small, LodgIQ has a solution for all hotels. Hotels with well over a thousand keys and as few as 17 keys all use LodgIQ to make strategic pricing decisions. LodgIQ is built on a modular framework that can scale to any size property, and we offer lite versions of our product for smaller properties with fewer analytical needs.

Does it matter where my hotel is located?

Properties that most benefit from our market insights data are located in or near metropolitan and tourist markets. Location is not a factor in any other aspect of the technology.

How do I get started with LodgIQ?

For our full-featured LodgIQ RM product, click here to get the process started. Your dedicated account representative will reach out to begin the implementation process. If possible, please provide information regarding your property’s location and other systems you use. A PMS, CRS, or Channel Manager will be required for rate push options.

Is my PMS/CRS compatible with LodgIQ?

You can view a full list of our integrations here.

Can I use LodgIQ to manage multiple properties at once?

Yes, LodgIQ products allow the user to toggle between multiple properties via a simple dropdown menu within the application.

Is LodgIQ available in multiple languages and/or currencies?

Our technology is currently only available in English but other languages are scheduled for future development. That said, LodgIQ is compatible with most major currencies, and able to adapt depending on location.

About data analytics and machine learning

How much data is needed to get started?

After we begin pulling hotel’s current Booking, Pricing and Comp-Set data, LodgIQ will also work with PMS on importing historical data.

Ideally, one year of historical reservations and pricing are needed, but LodgIQ can start with 2 months of your Booking and Pricing data.

The more data available, the better guidance will be provided to LodgIQ AI based forecast and recommendation platform.

What happens in case of a brand new hotel?

During the initial 90 days, LodgIQ will forecast and optimize pricing based on your market demand. LodgIQ follows, “progressive enhancement and graceful degradation”. Therefore, as LodgIQ collects more data, algorithms become smarter for your hotel and automatically upgrade to more sophisticated versions.

How does a hotel know that their forecasts are correct?

LodgIQ gives a special focus on forecast accuracy. Models are continuously tuned and validated. Accuracy reports are generated on a daily basis for the algorithms to be smarter. These reports are available on demand.

LodgIQ Demand Forecasting goals are:
Lead Time (DBA) 0-3: 3%
Lead Time (DBA) 7-30: 5%
Lead Time (DBA) 60-90: 10%

How does a hotel know that their pricing is correct?

The ultimate test is whether you see a Revenue Lift after following LodgIQ’s algorithmic Recommendations!

That said, our Intellimerge feature makes it easily compare our pricing recommendations to your hotel’s current sell rates and competitors’ rates.

How does a hotel pick a comp-set hotel?

An ideal set of competitor hotels should be composed of hotels in similar classes (star-rating, accommodation type) and in a close geographical proximity. In a densely populated market like New York City – the distance may be less than a few miles. Conversely, for rural areas or resort locations the radius may extend to a half hour driving distance.

How does a hotel define a Market?

LodgIQ system comes with a large selection of pre-defined major Markets, which consist of 3.5-4.5 star hotels.

The biggest difference between a Compset and Market are: a competitor hotel will be in much closer proximity to your hotel and will closely match your hotel’s class.

Whereas a Market comprises a much wider number of hotels spanning a city-area (or entire city) and range. LodgIQ also has the capability to create Custom Sub-Markets for customers who need it.

How does a hotel measure success?

Ultimately, success is a combination of RevPAR Index Lift and property Team’s Time saved. Of course there are internal measures such as performance vs internal Budget, as well as industry standards like index position against the property’s STR Compset.

LodgIQ’s goal is to work with customers to fine-tune the system to optimize these goals.

Does LodgIQ Rate recommendation only address BAR Rates?

Any rate changes made in LodgIQ (whether accepting system recommendations or making user supplied overrides) will apply to the entire room-type hierarchy with room-class differentials applied algorithmically in an automated fashion.

If a customer is using LodgIQ RM Advanced product, they will also have access to Room Type Pricing module which gives Recommendations (and the ability to override) at Room Level.


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