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LodgIQ uses state of the art BigData Analytics and AI / Machine Learning algorithms to forecast demand and price hotel rooms. LodgIQ is led by a team of experienced hospitality technologists, data scientists and engineers. Seed funded by Highgate Ventures, LodgIQ is re-imagining revenue management with predictive and prescriptive analytics methods. Our flagship product – LodgIQ RM is used by hotels across the globe, day-in and day-out to understand demand and optimize revenue.

    We’re A Global Company

    LodgIQ is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in New York City and Bangalore.


    David Millili

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sougata Chatterjee

    EVP, Engineering
    noelani schroy

    Noelani Schroy

    Vice President of Commercial Strategy

    Patrick J. McIntyre

    Vice President of Business Development

    Samuel Johnson

    Director of Operations & Customer Success

    Chinmay Sahoo

    Director of Integrations

    Harshinder Chadha

    Data Scientist

    I've tested various Revenue Management Systems (RMS), but none have impressed me as much as LodgiQ

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Washington DC


    LodgIQ defines the NEW ERA in revenue management

    Chief Commercial Officer

    New York, NY


    Finally a system that is easy to understand without unnecessary data and noise

    Revenue Manager


    4.7 stars on Hotel Tech Report
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