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Get accurate and intelligent market data and insights

Know what your market is doing in real time with advanced data analytics, machine learning (ML) algorithms, and market research.

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Trusted by 550+ commercial teams at leading hotel brands

Get market, neighborhood, and competitive data and insights

MarketIQ provides rich and intelligent data and insights from a vast amount of sources to give you the most accurate and actionable data possible.

Identify market segments and groups to go after

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts with market performance data on various segments, such as FIT, corporate, group, consortia, discount, government, and more. Identify market gaps, explore niche opportunities, and tailor your offerings to specific target markets.

Monitor your competitors

Track pricing strategies from competitive hotels within your segment or neighborhood. Benchmark your performance, identify areas of improvement, and implement effective strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Take your market insights further

Generate custom reports tailored to your needs and ideas. Export them into Excel to easily share and collaborate with your larger team.

26%increase in revenue

With LodgIQ, my hotel had an 26% increase in revenue in the first year

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