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Manage pricing decisions and hotel data from the LodgIQ mobile app.

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Rates and Restrictions

Delivers on-the-fly rate push capabilities to the palm of your hand—with sophistication that rivals the full desktop experience. 

Instantly update any rate for any room type for any date with the flick of a finger!

Simply select your property, pick the stay date, and select the LodgIQ recommendation (or your own custom rate) to quickly and easily update your hotel’s sell rate from wherever you are. 

With LodgIQ’s Room Type Pricing feature you can price each room type individually. 

And you can even update length of stay restrictions if you need to protect those weekends on the go… all without being tied down to your computer.

Business Intelligence and Market Insights

Provides a detailed drill down into your hotel’s performance analytics so that you can pull out the important data points that matter to you. 

Review any range of data you’d like—whether it’s rolling 12 month aggregates, next 90 days, or a single stay date—directly on your mobile device. 

Track pickup. Analyze pacing data. Compare comp set sell rates. Even evaluate forecast & market information.

Without sitting down at your desk, LodgIQ mobile app gives you access to your property’s full suite of key performance measures in a flexible and intuitive application. 

Price Pulse

Our on-demand rate shopper and will allow users to update their comp set and sell rates at any point in time.

26%increase in revenue

With LodgIQ, my hotel had an 26% increase in revenue in the first year

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