Enabling AI-Driven Commercial Strategy

Powered by AI, LodgIQ consolidates Revenue, Sales, and Marketing data, providing easy analysis and strategic recommendations for all three disciplines based on market insights and forward-looking consumer buying behavior. It’s not just a data well. It’s not just an RMS. It is a true Commercial Strategy Platform.

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Our Products

LodgIQ RM platform is architected and available in 3 distinct layers.


Revenue Intelligence layer

Collects and curates disparate data sources to extract intelligence from hotel, market demand and pricing, flights and events data.


Artificial Intelligence layer

Determines the path forward and plans the way to destination using demand forecasting and optimized pricing


Prescriptive Analytics layer

Rules, restrictions and promotions management with expert human watch help Hotels drive Revenue.

We are Global

Empowering hotel revenue management across the globe in more than 100 markets.