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Despite Economic Uncertainty, Travel Remains a Top Priority

Despite fears of a probable global recession and the impact of rising interest rates and inflation looming, travel demand is seeing no sign of slowing down. While other industries may see a slowdown, people are reluctant to give up travel and experiences again.

The most recent American Travel Sentiment Study indicates that 92% of Americans have travel plans in the next six months, which is among the highest level of travel seen since the beginning of the pandemic. Airports have once again transformed into thriving hubs of activity and organized chaos. Hotels are booked, flights are full, and travelers worldwide are excitedly hashing out long-awaited travel plans that were written off for two years as an unfortunate casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a hospitality professional, you can’t help but sit back and observe the momentum with a cocktail of emotions – a healthy serving of gratitude and optimism with a dash of incredulous relief.

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