Market forecast Article
Multi-layered market forecast framework for hotel revenue management by continuously learning market dynamics. LodgIQ’s AI driven Market Forecasting methodology which is published in the AI issue of  Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management. Be sure to check out the full article here. With the rising wave of travelers and changing market landscape, understanding marketplace dynamics in...
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Demand Factors influencing Pricing
There’s one constant every business person understands; the law of supply and demand. In the hotel business, it’s the fundamental underpinning of how rooms are priced on any given night. But there is a catch, what the typical hotelier sees as demand is not an accurate bellwether of actual demand. It’s what we perceive demand...
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Deciphering the perfect revenue optimization formula is an ever more challenging feat. Shifting reservation channels and morphing consumer booking patterns continually conspire to make the right revenue mix a moving target. Additionally, customers no longer have static needs. They have different priorities per trip – meaning during each excursion, they’re more apt to be seduced...
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Multi-dimensional data storage
Massive amounts of data are being created daily, more than ever before; and without the right tools it’s impossible for any single person to make sense of it all, let alone turn that data into something usable. Commonly known as big data, it’s a simple name belying the complexity of the modern information age. Big...
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