Introducing LodgIQ ONE

LodgIQ ONE harnesses the power of LodgIQ’s patented market-based forecasting and optimization algorithms and machine learning platform, and completely eliminates any dependencies on PMS or CRS connectivity.

LodgIQ ONE is particularly suited for hotels with less complex operating environments, whether independent or branded, select-service or full-service, and can be self-launched by any hotel, in any market, within a matter of minutes. The platform intelligently scans all relevant market demand and price-elasticity signals in real-time to determine the true competitive set of any hotel, and derives optimal price recommendations for up to 180 days in the future. The highly intuitive user interface provides all relevant market and competitive intelligence, and enables effortless rate optimization across any hotel’s entire distribution network.

LodgIQ ONE delivers many industry-firsts:

  • ONE Screen: Centralized, single-view command center
  • ONE View: Integrated competitive rate shopping and market intelligence
  • ONE Click: Single click rate updates across all relevant channels
  • ONE Start: Patented, instant launch process
  • ONE Price: Affordable, transparent pricing on a month-by-month basis

“We believe that the needs of smaller hotels are far too often overlooked when it comes to RMS platforms”, says Ravneet Bhandari, CEO at LodgIQ. “Ultimately, technology needs to empower the widespread utilization of revenue and price optimization tools for all hotels, regardless of their size or operating complexity. The backbone will always continue to be LodgIQ’s highly sophisticated machine learning and predictive analytics engine, but our goal with LodgIQ ONE is to provide hoteliers with an affordable, effortless, user-friendly and extremely agile platform. LodgIQ ONE will start delivering revenue and profitability gains within minutes. Any hotel. Any market. Anywhere in the world; guaranteed.”

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