Hotel Pricing on the Fly: LodgIQ Unveils Its Mobile App

LodgIQ introduces its groundbreaking mobile app addressing hoteliers’ urgent need for on-the-go rate updates. This innovative solution empowers executives to make real-time pricing decisions, freeing them from desk constraints. With positive feedback from early adopters, the mobile app promises to revolutionize hotel pricing strategies.

Sunnyvale, CA – In a breakthrough move, LodgIQ, the leading commercial strategy platform for hotels, announces its mobile app that empowers hotel executives to make effortless real-time rate updates.

The industry’s fast-paced nature demands agility. Traditional systems tie hoteliers to desks, hindering quick response to market changes.

LodgIQ Mobile enables users to update rates seamlessly on the fly, focusing on those critical close-in dates. From room type pricing to default differentials, the app covers it all.

This is a game-changer for hoteliers, especially at bustling properties where being tethered to a computer is impractical.

David Millili, LodgIQ’s CEO, emphasizes the app’s genesis from the industry’s cry for flexibility. Hoteliers, juggling various responsibilities, needed a solution to price dynamically, even during weekends or on the go.

Now, with LodgIQ Mobile, you don’t have to be tied to your desk. Whether at home or on-site, pricing updates are just a few taps away, says David.

Early adopters praise the app’s simplicity and functionality, expressing eagerness for more features.

LodgIQ Mobile is set to redefine how hoteliers approach pricing strategy. Are you ready to break free from the desk and manage rates on your own terms? The future of hotel pricing is at your fingertips.

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