LodgIQ Brings Sophisticated, Machine Learning Technology to the IBC Marketplace

NEW YORK – December 12, 2016 – LodgIQ™, which is firmly committed to reimagining the discipline of revenue optimization, today announced a partnership with IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection), a leading provider of hospitality technologies for independent hotels, to bring its sophisticated, machine learning based revenue management system (RMS) to IBC customers. Starting this month, independent hotels using the proprietary IBC hotel management platform will be able to harness the power of LodgIQ’s intelligent solutions – IBC RMS, for full-service properties and IBC ONE, for focused service properties; both powered by LodgIQ.

“After an extensive evaluation of many revenue management platforms on the market, LodgIQ had the platform most aligned with our independent-minded hoteliers’ needs,” said Pamela Barnhill, President, COO and Founder of IBC. “We are a cutting-edge company, and the services we deliver to our member hotels must be as well. LodgIQ is the only revenue management company enmeshing machine learning into its unique solution, plus it delivers unparalleled value through market insights at an affordable cost. We are thrilled to be offering this innovative solution to our members. LodgIQ turns big data into smart data for the sole purpose of uncovering revenue potential.”

With the IBC Marketplace (which includes managed distribution, an advanced central reservation system and soft brand benefits) given the ability to tap into and utilize LodgIQ’s intuitive RMS solutions, independent hotels globally can leverage scalable machine-learning technology that continuously collects and analyzes market variables (such as room rates of direct and indirect competitors, historical room rates, flight patterns, meteorological patterns, main stream and local, and other demand generators) to keep them ahead of the competition. IBC RMS and IBC ONE are created to instinctively collect and analyze the data to determine its importance, then integrate the newly gained insights into its pricing recommendations increasing the technology’s ability to make calculated and strategic price forecasting and recommendations over time.

“IBC is a forward-thinking company, and we are honored to be selected by them to provide this critical business solution,” said Ravneet Bhandari, CEO at LodgIQ. “Our goal is to help IBC member hotels think differently about how to approach setting rates, forecasting and revenue management as a whole.”

IBC ONE (powered by LodgIQ) is carefully crafted for hotels with less complex operating environments, whether independent or branded, select-service or full-service, the platform can be self-launched by any hotel, in any market, within a matter of minutes. This platform harnesses the power of LodgIQ’s patented market-based forecasting and optimization algorithms and machine learning platform, and completely eliminates any dependencies on PMS or CRS connectivity.

To find out more about the partnership between LodgIQ and IBC or to arrange an interview, please contact Barb Worcester, PRpro, at 440-930-5770 or email barbw@prproconsulting.com.

About IBC Hotels

IBC is a leading provider of hospitality technologies for independent hotels. Our portfolio of products and services includes the proprietary IBC hotel management platform which makes available its managed distribution, advanced CRS, and soft brand benefits to independent hotels, villas, and B&B’s.

More than half the world’s hotel properties are independently-owned. Online search has placed all new pressures on the small business owners who run these properties. With IBC, hotels can reclaim their revenue and guest data from the OTAs while maintaining their independence from soft brands and chains.

Finally, independent hotels can take back their bookings. Learn how at www.ibcmembers.com.

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