LodgIQ’s revenue management technology integrates with hotel software systems to deliver pricing recommendations to the marketplace. Use the navigation below to locate your hotel’s current system. Don’t see it on the list? We’re adding new integrations every month. Contact us about new integrations.

NameStatusSystem Type
protelIn progressPMS
Suite 8In progressPMS
AutoClerkIn progressPMS
SkyTouchIn progressPMS
FOSSEIn progressPMS
FSPMSIn progressPMS
Galaxy LightSpeedIn progressPMS
roomMasterIn progressPMS
BrilliantIn progressPMS
AgilisysIn progressPMS
RMSIn progressPMS
MedialogIn progressPMS
ComancheIn progressPMS
EASYFOIn progressPMS
MaestroIn progressPMS
IQwareIn progressPMS
StayNTouchComing soonPMS
Visual MatrixComing soonPMS
SIHOTComing soonPMS
DJUBOComing soonPMS
IDS Hotel ERPComing soonPMS
WINHMSComing soonPMS
GuestCentricComing soonPMS
VHPComing soonPMS
ATRIOComing soonPMS
GP DatiComing soonPMS
EpitomeComing soonPMS
NameStatusSystem Type
Travel TripperCompleteCRS
SceptreIn progressCRS
iHotelierIn progressCRS
Fast BookingIn progressCRS
DerbySoft ONEComing soonCRS
Vertical BookingComing soonCRS
NameStatusSystem Type
OTA InsightCompleteRate Shop
Rate360CompleteRate Shop
RevCasterCompleteRate Shop
RateGainCompleteRate Shop
HQPlusCompleteRate Shop
FASTBOOKINGIn progressRate Shop
FornovaComing soonRate Shop
BookingSuiteComing soonRate Shop
NameStatusSystem Type
SiteMinderCompleteChannel Manager
RateTigerCompleteChannel Manager
eRevMaxCompleteChannel Manager
AvailProIn progressChannel Manager
EZYieldIn progressChannel Manager
RateGainIn progressChannel Manager
FASTBOOKINGIn progressChannel Manager
RezGainComing soonChannel Manager
NameStatusSystem Type
DelphiIn progressSales and Catering
NameStatusSystem Type
FowardKeysIn progressMiscellaneous
PredictHQIn progressMiscellaneous
ProfitSword (BRAINS)In progressMiscellaneous
Matrix ITA SoftwareIn progressMiscellaneous