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LodgIQ is proud to partner with Cloudbeds, a leading PMS provider in the hospitality world.  With an integration based on streamlining your efforts, connecting the application is quick and simple.  

LodgIQ can be managed from a manual, autopilot, or co-pilot mode, allowing you to always control the way your hotel’s rates are managed. With modules that impact revenue, marketing, and sales, LodgIQ is the only RMS that is also a Commercial Strategy Platform. 

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How to Connect with LodgIQ
How do I connect the LodgIQ and Cloudbeds Apps?
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How do I get Support
The fastest way to connect with someone at LodgIQ to review the platform is to submit an inquiry form linked below. You can also reach out to sales@lodgiq.com:
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To connect the LodgIQ Application to your Cloudbeds account follow the below steps:
    • From Account dropdown, select App & Marketplace
    • Find the Apps tab on the page and search for LodgIQ
    • Click on the Learn More button to go to the details page
    • Click Connect App or Login button
    • Sign in using your Cloudbeds username and password
    • You will be redirected to the Verification Code page. Click the “Send me the Code” button. Copy/paste the code.
    • You will be redirected to the LodgIQ App Permissions Page. Be sure to review information listed.
    • Click the Allow Access button to be redirected to the LodgIQ App Endpoint.
    • LodgIQ will process the code and redirect you the the Thank You page
LodgIQ’s comprehensive Commercial Strategy Platform is comprised of:

MarketIQ – Providing a comprehensive overview of the market’s historics, OTB data, and forecasted production by segment.

BusinessIQ – Easily accessible data reflecting the property’s production and trends.

ForecastIQ – Dynamic revenue forecasting by segment for your hotel

GroupIQ – Optimized group rate recommendations considering projected market influence and historical trends

LodgIQ AI – The smartest rate and restriction optimization platform built around a “Willingness to Pay” model to allow you to lead the market in revenue performance

To receive technical support you can always reach out to your dedicated account service representative.  Alternatively, you may send a ticket to support@lodgiq.com


How do I disconnect the application?

1- Log into your Cloudbeds Account
2- From the Account dropdown, select App & Marketplace
3- Select the tab called Connected Apps
4- Select the Disconnect button on the LodgIQ App


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