LodgIQ Rate Shopper

LodgIQ Rate Shopper is a critical component of any Revenue Management System. LodgIQ Revenue Management System allows hotels to view and compare the hotel prices by room types, analyze prices for current and past dates and export the data to an excel based on user preferences.

LodgIQ Rate Shopper is critical to compare the prices against competitors or find relative ranking at market level.

In order to keep the data fresh, LodgIQ Rate Shoppers are run and data points refreshed multiple times a day. This refresh can also be user-initiated on anon-demand basis.

  • This facilitates any stale rates for the hotel or comp-set.
  • This helps in making real-time decisions and better yielding of hotel revenue.
For more information about LodgIQ Rate Shoppers, please contact us at contact@lodgiq.com