Onboarding Process

6-8 Weeks from Kickoff to Go Live.

Initial Data Capture
System Integration
Initial Go Live
Secondary Data Capture
Full Go Live
Initial Data Capture

Week 1: Go Live Workbook

We work with you to get your data/configs for:

 – Users

 – Room Types

 – Market Segments

 – Forecast

 – Comp Set

 – Holidays and Events

System Integration

Weeks 2-6: Hotel Integrations & Configuration

Hotel Integrations  – We connect and integrate with your Vendors:

 – PMS

 – CRS

 – Other 3rd Parties

 – Market Insights

 – Rate Push (optional)

Go Live Input & Configuration – We also configure the system based on data gathered in Week 1:

 – User Creation

 – Room Type Configuration

 – Market Code Configuration

Initial Go Live

We begin training you on using the live system with your data.

Secondary Data Capture

Week 6: Budget, Forecast, Compset, Market

Budget & Forecast

We work with you on uploading your monthly goals/forecasts:

 – Budget

 – Forecast

Comp Set & Market

    We also make sure that your compset and market data is flowing through.

Algorithm Tuning

Weeks 7-8: Validation and Tuning


We fine validate and fine-tune our forecasts and rate recommendations

 – Forecast

 – Pricing recommendations

 – Validation

Complete Go Live

We work with you to make sure you are able to use the system effectively.


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