Revenue Management Re-Imagined

LodgIQ RM is changing the way hoteliers approach revenue management.

Our technology employs proven data science and machine learning principles to deliver optimized pricing recommendations in real time.

The result: more accurate forecasting, smarter room pricing, and measurable ROI.

Market Demand

Outside-in Forecasting

LodgIQ RM analyzes numerous market variables when optimizing forecasts and room rates, including the current supply and demand in the destination, room rates of direct and indirect competitors, historical room rates, flight patterns, and local events, among many others.

Price Optimization

Room Level Optimization and Rate Push

Powerful Rate Optimization at both BAR and Room Level.  Our optimization incorporates Hotel Performance, Compset, Room Hierarchies, and Dynamic ML Algorithms to produce state of the art recommendations. 

LodgIQ provides streamlined Rate Push to leading CRS and PMS Partners.

Sophisticated Analytics

A wide spectrum of high-power reports (Pickup, Pace, SDLY, Segment).








Competitive Intel

Remain on top of your competitor’s actions.








Daily Flash Report

One stop shop to monitor and manage your hotel.








Flight Analytics

Demand patterns by feeder markets and overlay on hotel and market level projections.








Document Management

Cloud based storage and retrieval of key documents – Budget, Forecast and Segments.








Intuitive Admin

Configuration management of key hotel attributes – room types, segments, ratepush, capacity.








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  • Booking Pace Analysis
  • Pickup Trend Analysis
  • Market Insights Intelligence
  • LodgIQ Rate Shopper
  • Flight Insights
  • Events Insights
  • Booking Price Analytic
  • Pickup Trend Analytics
  • Market Insight Intelegence
  • Flight Insights
  • Events Insights
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Real time on-demand Reporting
  • Rate Push
  • Market forecast
  • Hotel forecast
  • Room type pricing
  • Events impact
  • Group Displacement Calculator
  • Pricing Diagnostics
  • AutoPilot
  • Channel Discount Manager
  • Restrictions Manager
  • Promotions Manager