Outside-in Forecasting

LodgIQ takes a unique, outside-in approach to forecasting. Our technology analyzes numerous market variables when optimizing forecasts and room rates, including the current supply and demand in the destination, room rates of direct and indirect competitors, historical room rates, flight patterns, meteorological patterns and local events, among many others.

Drag-and-Drop Revenue Management BI Capabilities

LodgIQ’s advanced reporting capabilities allow for quick evaluation of a wide variety of performance metrics, in real time. Reports can easily be notated and shared with teammates in just a few clicks, all within the platform.

Demystify Big Data With Machine Learning

LodgIQ incorporates advanced machine learning to extract relevant signals from demand patterns across evolving data sets. Our technology introduces mathematical modeling into the process of identifying patterns and making decisions.

As new data signals are received, LodgIQ’s machine learning platform analyzes them, determines their importance and integrates those data parameters going forward. When new data is integrated, forecasts and prices generated by the solution become even more accurate.

Intuitive User Experience To Simplify Everyday Tasks

Interface design and experience are of equal importance in creating an optimal technology platform that people actually enjoy using. A well-designed solution minimizes and simplifies user actions, while intelligently adapting to a user’s unique click-stream and usage patterns.